Sammy Hagar: Successful Artist, Successful Partier

Sammy Hagar, a multi-faceted rocker, is partnering with Halii Maile Distilling Company on Maui to roll out his new brand of spirits, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum. The rum will go along with his five Sammy’s Beach Bar and Grilles located across the country. . His new brand of rum, which will be his second venture in the liquor distillation business, sets itself apart from many of his competitors is that he only uses first-growth, first-press sugar cane grown in Hawaii. He says it tastes better than other places that provide sugar cane, Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum will also be aged twice as long many common brands of rum, making it aged for 2 years adds a unique, intense character. He told Hawaii Magazine that plans are in the works to come out with a pineapple-infused rum, as well as an aged dark rum. His rum can be purchased in Hawaii for now and will debut on the mainland in the spring of 2012. Sammy Hagar was born in Monterey, California and grew his legend as the front man for Van Halen. Sammy is a guy who has transformed his passion for life and fun into a successful career. He is currently a member of 3 bands, as well as being a solo artist, he has two chain restaurants/bars that are spread across the country, and he is also a part of one established liquor distillery (Cabo Wabo) as well as his new brand that was just released.

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