Amazing Sailing Tours Through Discover Hawaii Tours

So you have decided to head out on a sailing tour through Discover Hawaii Tours, but have yet to settle on a specific tour package. With so many tour styles to choose from, it can be quite difficult to decide which one best defines you. It is for that reason we have compiled this short list of the most popular Hawaii sailing tours and activities. Let’s go over them now:

The Activities

Snorkeling - Feel like exploring the world beneath the sea? Discover Hawaii Tours has several fabulous snorkeling tours that put an emphasis on Hawaii’s famous coral reef systems and marine life. Expert guides will teach you how to properly snorkel, and provide you will detailed commentary on the ecology of Oahu.

Fishing - Would you like to relax and cast out your line? We offer plenty of sailing tour packages that focus on this great sport. Hop on a catamaran with a professional tour guide and prepare for a day voyage out across the Pacific!

The Sights:

The Waimea Bay - Often called the king of the North Shore Beaches; the Waimea Bay attracts an incredible amount of tourists every year. Known for its massive 20ft waves in the winter seasons, this beach has been a surfer hotspot since 1957. In the summer the beach is a serene place, perfect for family get-togethers and peaceful relaxation.

The Waikiki Beach - Aptly known as the sandy hub of all downtown Honolulu nightlife, the Waikiki Beach  boasts a vast array of shopping and tourism stops. Along a Discover Hawaii Tours sailing tour, guests will get an amazing view of this booming tropical metropolis.

Diamond Head - Several Hawaii sailing tours encompass a view of this fascinating volcanic tuff cone. The Diamond Head is a prominent tourist attraction for anyone based in Waikiki, and is listed as a United States monument.

Turtle Canyon - Named appropriately, the turtle canyon is a hidden underwater location filled with beautiful marine life and sea turtles. Tourists who make a stop through this unique location can snorkel deep within its trenches, and swim among its denizens.

All of these once in a lifetime opportunities are available right now through Discover Hawaii Tours. For more information on our packages sailing tours and other tour destinations we offer, contact contact us online or call us at 808-670-3743.

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