Romantic Things To Do In Hawaii

Hawaii has always been a destination that has inspired romance. Beautiful sunsets, swaying palms, and secluded beaches all make for a setting which inspires lovers’ passion. Having trouble thinking of the best way to express your love in paradise? These ideas for romantic things to do in Hawaii will help!
Romantic things to do in Hawaii

Romantic things to do can be found almost anywhere in a setting like this!

Hawaii is for lovers

From the days of “From Here to Eternity” and even when Tom Blake romanticized about living and playing on the golden sands of Waikiki Beach in the 1920′s, the islands of Hawaii have always had a romantic mystique which has drawn in lovers from all over the world. A favorite destination for weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries, there is some sort of special energy that continues to inspire romance here in Hawaii.

Romantic things to do in Hawaii

1. Treat the one you love to chocolate strawberries and champagne at the beach

For a surprise that your loved one will surely find special, try pick up some gourmet chocolates from the Honolulu Chocolate Co. on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki. Pair those with a nice chilled bottle of champagne and head to the beach!

2. Take a sunset walk along the shores of Diamond Head

Diamond Head has long been a symbol of Hawaii. You may know you’re in Hawaii before you see it, but once you see it you feel like you’re in Hawaii. With soft sand, secluded shores, rocky outcroppings, an old lighthouse, and a spectacular view of the sunset, a walk along the shores of Diamond Head will give you and the one you love that special moment in paradise you both have been dreaming about.

3. Make your own “From Here to Eternity” moment at Halona Cove

Who hasn’t dreamed about rolling around on the beach with the one you love in your arms as the waves crash around you? Made famous by the film “From Here to Eternity” at the cove next to Halona Blowhole, this beach makes a great place to have a magic moment on your vacation!

4. Make it a moment to remember on a sunset dinner cruise

For a delicious dinner with the best view in paradise you need to head out to sea for a dinner cruise! With luxurious accommodations, a gourmet menu, and onboard Hawaiian entertainment, taking a dinner cruise will be one of the most romantic moments you have in Hawaii!
Plus if you enjoy a dinner cruise on a Friday you can catch the Waikiki fireworks show which starts at 7:45pm sharp!

5. Reconnect with the one you love with a couples spa treatment

A great way to get back on the same page and reconnect with the one you love is to take a couples spa day. Many Waikiki hotels have great in-house spas with lots of ways to relax, rejuvenate, and refresh your bodies, minds, and souls.
What was your most romantic moment in Hawaii? Leave a comment or share it with us on Facebook!We hope these tips for romantic things to do in Hawaii help you make your next trip the most special one you and the one you love ever take!Alooooooha!

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