Romance In Paradise On A Hawaii Dinner Cruise

What could be more romantic than cruising along Waikiki Beach as the sun sets and looking into the eyes of the one you love? I would have to say not much! A Hawaii dinner cruise is probably one of the most romantic ways to spend an evening in paradise. Here’s a look at how special an evening can be on a Hawaii dinner cruise.

An evening on the sea on a Hawaii dinner cruise

Step aboard the Star of Honolulu and experience the romance of a Hawaiian sunset overlooking the Waikiki and Honolulu skyline. Delicious food, spectacular live entertainment and the company of the one you love are sure to make this a night to remember. Enjoy a welcome Mai Tai once onboard and some music before settling in to start on you three, five, or seven course meal. A fantastic selection of choices can include fresh lobster, tender steak, succulent crab, fresh vegetables, savory side dishes, and rich desserts. The food is so good you’ll be wishing you had more room in your tummy!
Arriving at the pier from the Star of Honolulu’s Waikiki shuttle, you will be greeted by hula dancers swaying to the peaceful melodies of the islands. Setting the mood for the evening is some of Hawaii’s best jazz musicians playing songs that will make you want to hold the one you love tightly. A phenomenal hula performance follows dinner is nothing short of truly sublime. Take a stroll around the decks and explore the luxurious custom-built 232 yacht while you watch the sun slip behind the horizon and create a memory that you will cherish forever. Hawaii dinner cruise packages come with different amenities like included cocktails, preferred seating dining rooms, and quantity of courses. Check out the amazing dinner possibilities on the Star of Honolulu here!

Take a Hawaii dinner cruise from Maui

They say “Maui no ka oi” or “Maui is the best” and a big part of that is the breathtaking sunsets seen from Maui’s beautiful sandy beaches. Why not enjoy a world-class Maui sunset while taking a dinner cruise!
Enjoy delicious dining choices, soothing Hawaiian music, and even table side entertainment on a Hawaii dinner cruise from Maui. Enjoy a private table on the bow or the deck of the Pacific Whale Foundation’s cutting edge catamaran. Escape the dining room of your hotel and venture to the sea by taking a Maui dinner cruise! Check out our Hawaii Travel Blog for more feature pieces on tours, travel tips, vacation ideas, and how to get ready for an amazing trip to Hawaii! Aloha! [All photos: Star of Honolulu]

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