9 Romantic Destinations and Things to Do on Oahu

Hawaii is a lover’s paradise. Everywhere you search, there’s a perfect setting for a romantic moment with your loved one. Whether you’re catching a sunset at Sunset Beach or wandering through the gardens at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Spalding House. Add these romantic destinations on Oahu to your list of things to do and enjoy every moment of your vacation, together!

1. Watch a sunset at Sunset Beach, North Shore

What’s more romantic than a gorgeous sunset in Hawaii? Watching the sunset from Sunset Beach, one of the North Shore’s most famous beaches. If you’re staying in Waikiki, be sure to leave an hour early to arrive at the North Shore in time to watch the sunset. Remember to bring a blanket or beach mat!

2. Relax with drinks and live music at House Without A Key

Perhaps the perfect place in Waikiki to enjoy a few drinks, live Hawaiian music, and the incredible backdrop of Waikiki Beach. Open 7am to 9pm, House Without A Key is a great place to enjoy lunch near the beach. If you’re thinking of watching the sunset at House Without A Key, plan to arrive early. This popular beachfront restaurant creates a casual, intimate experience for guests, but doesn’t take reservations.

3. Take in the Honolulu city lights from Round Top Drive

One of my favorite romantic destinations is on Round Top Drive in a hilly area of Honolulu known as Tantalus. The panoramic view reaches from Ala Moana Beach Park to Diamond Head Crater. The best time to visit the scenic lookout on Round Top Drive is just before the sun sets. The city lights up like a thousand candles below. The sky turns blue to deep purple, and the air begins to chill (which means you’ll be holding each other closer!). A classic romantic spot in Honolulu.

4. Find a quiet stretch of sand at Waimanalo Beach

The best time to visit Waimanalo Beach is during the weekday mornings and The longest beach on Oahu is also one of Hawaii’s most romantic. Waimanalo Beach offers gorgeous white sands, clear blue waters, and towering mountain ridges. Arrive in the morning or early afternoon on a weekday and you’ll find a spot to call your own where you can walk along the soft, white sands and swim in the refreshing waters.

5. Hike to a secluded waterfall in the rainforest

Hike through a Hawaiian rainforest and find your own piece of paradise. The best (and easiest) waterfall hikes on Oahu are at Manoa Falls or Likeke Falls. Take a journey togerther to find a secluded waterfall. You’ll find amazement in the natural beauty surrounding you along your hike, but the real treasure is at the waterfall. Make the moment extra special with a kiss!

6. Watch the Waikiki fireworks on Friday

Every Friday, the Waikiki night sky lights up at 7:45pm with dozens of colorful fireworks. Find a spot along the western end of Waikiki Beach or at Magic Island for a perfect view of the fireworks. Plan ahead with a picnic-style dinner for two. Romance bonus points: don’t tell your lover about the fireworks and he/she will definitely be surprised!

7. Wake up early for breakfast at Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant

Waikiki comes to life when the sun comes up. One of the best (and most romantic) ways to watch Waikiki wake is with breakfast on the beach. At the Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant, you can enjoy a delicious meal while watching Waikiki residents and tourists arrive at Kaimana Beach. Reservations are strongly recommended for the Hau Tree Lanai at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel. Call (808) 921-7066 in advance!

8. Spend an afternoon at the serene Spalding House

The Honolulu Academy of Art Spalding House is a peaceful, contemplative destination that will transform you. Located in the quiet hills of Makiki Heights, the Spalding House is home to a magnificent art collection, a relaxing cafe, and a garden to wander about. If you check the cafe menu and don’t see anything you like, you can always bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the garden or on a grassy area under the shade of a tree.

9. Have your own From Here To Eternity moment

The ultimate romantic destination and the location of the Academy award-winning film From Here To Eternity, the beach cove at Halona Blowhole lookout  is possibly Oahu’s most romantic place. Can you say “rolling around in the sand as the waves crash ashore, all while tenderly embracing one another”?

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