3 Ways to Enjoy the Road to Hana

Visiting Maui is a great vacation and fun whether you’re on a honeymoon or with the family. If you’re going to Maui, you’ll definitely want to do the road to Hana. This is a windy road that includes more than 600 hairpin turns and 200 one lane bridges. Hana is a sleepy little town on the eastern side of Maui that offers lush vegetation and a peaceful atmosphere.

 You can do the road to Hana a few ways, but here are three of them:

  1.  Do it yourself. This is probably the toughest option, but if you consider yourself a driving ace, it’s worth a try. The road is high up and a sheer drop off will greet you for most of it. Don’t do this drive if you’re not experienced in driving in the mountains. But if you’re up for it, the fun is saying you did it and also exploring the road on your own time. Always yield to the locals. If you see someone zipping down the road rather fast, be sure to yield to them—locals will travel much faster up and down this road so it’s best to let them have the right of way.
  2. Another way to do the road is via mini coach. These tours will pick you up at your Lahaina hotel and take you on a day trip to Hana. It’s a great way to see all the sights along the way. The road to Hana is all about the journey because rainforests and waterfalls are all along the road. You’ll want to see every bit of it and the experienced mini coach driver should put your mind at ease. Plus, some stop at banana bread stands and include lunch.
  3. The last way to do the Road to Hana is a combination of number one and two. Whether you drive yourself or take a tour, it’s worth considering an overnight stay in Hana. Hana has a selection of hotels and it’s a beautiful little town. One of the best parts is that it’s so far from Lahaina and the other tourist-heavy areas of the island. Consider staying a night or two to really soak in the beauty and peacefulness of this island.
No matter how you do the road to Hana, you won’t regret the adventure. This is a famous way to see Maui and all the lush vegetation of the island. Enjoy the journey and be sure to stop for a smoothie or banana bread along the way! Call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743 or contact us online to book a tour.

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