3 Ways to Enjoy Maui Life

Visiting Maui is a special vacation. Many couples choose Maui for their honeymoon and you’ll understand why once you get there. When it comes to vacationing on Maui, there are different ways to do it. Here are three ways you can soak up the Maui sun in style.

  1. The romantic getaway. This one is for the honeymooners. Maui is perfect for your honeymoon because it has so much to offer in way of romance. First, choose a beautiful resort. Maui has plenty in the Kanapali and Lahaina areas. You can find a resort with a spa, gold course and fine dining restaurant. Next, plan your stay. From beach days to dinner at the restaurants in town, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Be sure to book a luau too. The Old Lahaina Luau is a favorite and you’ll be treated to a show and a delicious authentic meal.
  2. The eco adventure is another way to do Maui. In this vacation, you’ll want to see all the sites including Haleakala National Park. You can actually stay in the park—consider backpacking or camping for a few days. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with Maui’s nature and save a few bucks on hotel accommodations. Just be sure you pack enough gear and drinking water and food. Another great idea is to take a surf lesson. This is popular on each Hawaiian island because surfing is such a huge part of the Hawaiian culture. Beginners can rent a board and wetsuit and get instructions from an experienced teacher. Once you have a feel for it, you’ll be able to rent a board on your own and catch the waves. Another athletic endeavor is to watch the sunrise over Haleakala. While a coach bus will pick you up and drive you to the top, you can bike down the mountain after you’ve snapped pics of the sunrise.
  3. If the athletic adventures aren’t for you, there are plenty of other choices in Maui. One of which is the road to Hana tour. This is a road up in the Mountains of Maui with tight turns and one way bridges. While the road is rough, it’s also beautiful. Waterfalls and rainforests flank the drive and make it for an unforgettable journey. Be sure to stop for fresh banana bread on your way. This tour makes for a Maui-esque vacation but without all the athleticism of some other attractions.

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