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It’s easy…

First find your tour on our website, then review away! And if you’re already logged in to Facebook, all you need to do is type your review. If you’re not signed in (or if you don’t have a Facebook account), keep reading for alternative options. Here’s an example, as seen on our Pearl Harbor Battleships of WWII Tour:

You’re looking at a screenshot of Tour 8, one of our most popular tours to Pearl Harbor.

Ever since we installed the Facebook Comments social plugin on our tours and (and the attractions in our Hawaii Travel Guide), reviewers have gradually began to leave feedback for their tour. When you find your tour on our website, you’ll see two feedback areas:
  • “How was your tour?” (New: Facebook Comments)
  • “Reviews” (Old reviewing system)
After installed the Facebook Comments plugin, we decided to keep our old reviews available. Why? Because feedback from people like you is important! Plus, if you want to share your experience with your friends on Facebook, you can check “Post to Facebook”!
The new Facebook Comments also put a face behind the review. Our old system only provided name and hometown. However, the old system allowed reviews to use an alias or simply be Anonymous. With Facebook Comments, now you can read reviews from people you know are real, because you can see their profile on Facebook! It’s just another way we’re adding authenticity to our reviews–we want to reassure you that you’ll receive outstanding service on your fun, informative and insightful Hawaii tour.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

Lucky you, this plugin also allows you to sign in with several other services:
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Hotmail
Simply click the “Comment using…” drop-down menu and click which account you’ll use to write a review. Lastly, we’ve setup the comments so that the most relevant reviews appear first. In other words, the more Likes or Replies and specific review has, the higher it will appear in the list. Check out this Pearl Harbor tour to see a live example. Mahalo for reading, your tour review means a lot to us!

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