Rental Car or Guided Tours In Hawaii? Which Is Right For You

Sometimes the biggest debate is not where to go, but how to get there. For most vacationers, it’s a toss-up between taking a rental car to go exploring or taking guided tours in Hawaii. Here’s a look at doing both, and a comparison of their advantages to help you decide which is the right way for you!

Hitting the open road

There is no other feeling like driving with the top down and the wind in your hair. And being able to take time at your leisure can definitely have its advantages. The freedoms and feelings that go along with renting a car are like none other and should definitely be experienced. However there are some drawbacks to renting a car. Parking can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know any secret spots. Also, gas is around $1 higher than the national average and hotels charge for parking on a daily basis. Aside from the costs of renting the car, there are incurred costs like those mentioned above that go along with renting a car. Hawaii is notorious for having traffic… challenges. If you have reservations for an activity or cruise where you have to be in a certain place at a certain time, be sure to ask your concierge how much time it takes to get there while leaving time for bad traffic.

Going with guided tours in Hawaii

Taking guided tours in Hawaii is almost like a vacationer pastime. It’s a way to have an enriching experience, connect with your friendly local guide, and learn about what makes Hawaii’s beautiful locations so special. This invaluable insight given, stories told, and the friendly Aloha Spirit of tour guides offer a Hawaiian experience like no other. While not having the freedom of a rental car, you can be sure that the itinerary on your tour is made up of the top places to visit. So if you’re having trouble deciding where to go, a tour is a great idea! Another benefit to taking guided tours in Hawaii is the chance to sit back and enjoy the ride. Instead of worrying about what’s on the road, you can focus on  the sights. Also, there are some things your rental car can’t offer you, like being serenaded on the ukulele by your guide during lunch!

Rental cars or guided tours in Hawaii: The way to win is with both!

The best way to maximize your vacation is to do both. Take guided tours in Hawaii at the beginning of your trip, and rent a car during the ending days of your trip! This way you can see the island, get a feel for where the spots you enjoyed visiting most are, and revisit them with your rental car. For more vacation tips for visiting Hawaii, check out our “Essential Travel Tips” board on Pinterest! Aloooooooha!

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