Relaxed Visa Process Would Encourage Tourism Industry Growth

The APEC meetings which were held in Honolulu, Hawaii last week hosted dignitaries and heads of state from 21 APEC member economies. Among the many were representatives from the U.S. and China, who hope to continue to grow their relationship following the close of the APEC meetings this week. An article on China Daily USA reports that Yang Jiechi, a foreign minister of China, met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss relations between the U.S. and China. Yang was reported saying that China is willing to build a cooperative relationship with the United States based on mutual respect and mutual benefits. Hawaii is a close vacation spot for many countries in Asia, and the island state of Hawaii hopes to continue to attract more visitors as the relationship between U.S. and China grows stronger. On Tuesday, as reported by China Daily, Jiechi called for the United States to relax the visa requirements imposed on foreign tourists and investors. It seems, as the debate evolves, that the U.S. has realized that it is only alienating itself from potential visitors, as well as investors by continuing to enforce the tedious process of obtaining visas to visit and do business. Making it easier for visitors to come into the country can only lead to tourism industry growth. The China Daily article also reports that The Hawaii Tourism Authority’s latest figures point out that Chinese tourists have boosted Hawaii’s tourism. Jadie Goo, Hawaii Tourism Authority’s tourism-brand manager said that Chinese travelers spent more than any other visitors to the island, an average of $360 per person in the first nine months of 2011. All this means good things for the U.S. and Hawaii since China has one of the largest and most wealthy economies in the world. Relaxing visa restrictions for foreign visitors will definitely provide a much needed boost to the United States tourism industry.

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