Prince Kuhio Parade

On Saturday March 24th the Prince Kuhio Parade will take place in Honolulu. The parade is put on in recognition of Prince Kuhio Day which is celebrated annually on March 26th, the birthdate of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole Piikoi, and passage of the Hawaiian Homelands Act of 1921. People come together each year to celebrate the accomplishments of Prince Kuhio, and the often controversial passage of the Hawaiian Homelands Act. Although the circumstances surrounding the fall of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the passage of the Hawaiian Homelands Act were unfair, to say the least, people recognize the value of the Hawaiian Culture and want to preserve it. For that reason there are many events such as Prince Kuhio day, the Prince Kuhio Parade, and the Hoolaulea/Hoikeike for people to pass on their knowledge of the traditions of Hawaii. The parade is put on annually to honor the individuals and organizations who are always working to practice and perpetuate the Hawaiian culture, as well as the Native Hawaiian Community. Following the parade is Hoolaulea/Hoikeike at Kapiolani Park that has vendors set up selling and showing Native Hawaiian arts and crafts, as well as exhibits by various other Native Hawaiian organizations and businesses, and don’t forget about the ono Hawaiian food that will be available in the park. The evening of festivities will conclude with entertainment by Hawaiian Musicians. The parade will begin on Saratoga and Kalakaua Avenue at 10:00am, and will reach Kapiolani park at noon. The following Hoolaulea/Hoikeike will take place at the Kapiolani Bandstand until 4:00pm. The Polynesian Cultural Center has announced a change in its pick-up locations for Saturday 3/24/2012 at 10:00am. If you’re scheduled to be picked up by Polynesian Cultural Center at 10:00am report to an alternate hotel for pick up since the parade will close Kalakau Avenue during your pick-up time.



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