Possibilities For Island Hopping In Hawaii

Visiting more than one island while on vacation in paradise adds an adventurous element to any trip. Island hopping in Hawaii is a great way to take your vacation to that next level. Here are some fun possibilities for you to get your island hop on!

Island hopping in Hawaii

Hawaii offers the perfect opportunity for island hopping. Each island has its own charming personality, natural landmarks, and beautiful beaches. If you’re coming to Hawaii there is a good chance you’re arriving on Oahu.
Oahu is an amazing place, but there is so much more to Hawaii than what can be found on Oahu. But at the same time there is so much on Oahu that you can’t find on any other island. Oahu has famous sites like Pearl Harbor and the Polynesian Cultural Center, the North Shore, and also has the most beaches! Pretty much, you’re gonna be winning as long as you visit more than one island!

Hop from Oahu over to Maui

An idea for island hopping in Hawaii is to journey from Oahu to Maui and take a Road to Hana tour. Nowhere on Oahu can you find anything like the idyllic Hana Highway which circles Maui’s southeastern coast. Considered to be one of the best drives in America, the Hana Highway cuts through lush rainforest, is lined with breathtaking waterfalls, and has unparalleled views of beautiful coastal scenery.
Road to Hana tours stop at the best spots along this famed road. Aside from the most gushing waterfalls, a break for lunch at Waianapanapa Beach gives you a chance to swim at a black sand beach. The tour also visits Maui’s only winery, where you can sample their pineapple dessert wine. Hopping over to Maui from Oahu will be the most amazing day on your vacation!

Hop over to the Big Island and see Hawaii’s volcanoes

The Big Island of Hawaii is home to the world’s most active volcano, Mount Kilauea. Only here can you experience the natural wonders of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park like steam vents, lava tubes, and the lookouts where you can see volcanic activity in the crater. Start your day off with a tour through the historic Hawaiian hideaway of Hilo town where you can see the majestic Rainbow Falls.
Taking a day trip to the Big Island and seeing Hawaii’s volcanoes will be an experience you’ll never forget!

Hop from an outer island to Oahu

While neighboring islands have things you can’t find on Oahu, Oahu is the only place you can find some of Hawaii’s most amazing sites. If you’re staying on either Maui, Kauai, or the Big Island and want to island hop, then Oahu is the destination for you!
Pearl Harbor, Waimea Bay, Sunset Beach, the Polynesian Cultural Center and the rest of Oahu’s best sites await you! We offer different tours of Oahu from neighbor islands so whether you want to spend the day exploring all the historic sites of Pearl Harbor, go to a luau, or spend the day on the road, you can!

Advantages to island hopping in Hawaii

The biggest advantage about island hopping in Hawaii on a tour is not having to check into a new hotel, rent a car, and lose all that precious vacation time in between. Start off on one island in the morning, tour another island in the daytime, and return to your hotel later that night. Talk about making the most out of a day For travel tips, vacation ideas, tour features, and insight into what’s happening in Hawaii right now check out our Hawaii Travel Blog. If you’re interested in island hopping in Hawaii, check out this recent blog post with island hopping tips. To help get the ball on your vacation rolling, check out these helpful planning tips. Aloooha!

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