3 Oahu Luaus You Must Not Miss Out On

You are planning to head out on a vacation to Oahu, but have yet to fill in your trip schedule. It is quite difficult for a newcomer of Hawaiian tourism to know what activities are available. There are so many things to experience and places to visit, but one journey you must not skip over is the traditional Hawaiian Luaus.


What is a luau, you might ask? A luau is a cultural Hawaiian party that is put on and accentuated through fantastic music, amazing food, and thought-provoking games. To get the most out of your next tour through Oahu, Discover Hawaii Tours has created a list of the best luaus you can find right now.

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The Royal Luau- Would you like to take part in a real historical Hawaiian experience? Then look no further, because the Royal Luau fits the bill. Reenacting the ancient feast of Ana Aina, this luau is as close to a royal feast as you can get. Be a part of this once in a lifetime experience as you listen to Polynesian storytellers recant tales of the past. Indulge in the wonderful selection of food available, and then relax for a dramatic performance of dance, music and theatrics.


The Big Kahuna Luau- No Hawaiian adventure is complete without experiencing the thrill of an authentic luau. The Big Kahuna Luau is all of that and more. Tourists will find themselves in a world seemingly untouched by time, and captivated by the beauty of the Island. Learn the art of creating Polynesian crafts from a professional, or try your skill at playing the Ukelele! Join in on the sunset ceremony and indulge in the luau’s underground roasted pig. Dance under the stars, and enjoy the melodic sound of cultural Hawaiian music. 


The Ali’I Luau at the Hawaii Polynesian Cultural Center- Feel like experiencing a look into the native traditions of a Hawaiian luau? If so, then this is the luau for you. The Ali’I luau brings in guests every year with its beautiful gardens, pristine waterfalls, and unforgettable hospitality. Visitors are serenaded by the sounds of traditional music, while hula dancers showcase the unique Polynesian dance of their people. Tourists will share in a feast while being whisked through the diverse history of Hawaii.


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