How to Immerse Yourself in Hawaiian Culture

You were greeted with a lei the minute you stepped off the plane, you’ve done your best to consume as many Mai Tai’s as you can, and you and your spouse have already purchased matching Hawaiian shirts. But if you’re truly looking to make an impact on your own experience and that of your family, consider taking a Polynesian Cultural Center tour. If you book the right tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, you may be able to combine it with a visit to Pearl Harbor and the Dole Plantation. What better way to take in Hawaiian culture than to visit all three of those sites?

One of the highlights of the Polynesian Cultural Center is the focus on all the islands that make up Polynesia. From Fiji to Samoa, you’ll meet natives and learn about the differences in these ancient cultures. Understanding Polynesia helps you understand Hawaii and how it came to be the 50th state it is today (spoiler alert: Hawaiian culture is very different from American culture!).

Some tours include an authentic BBQ lunch buffet before you sit down and take in the shows. A canoe parade kicks things off and then you’ll be treated to a traditional luau with fire dancing and hula. The shows and presentations are suitable for the whole family.

One of the great things about the Polynesian Cultural Center is that it’s like a living museum. While you’re learning about the Maori culture, you’re also interacting with Maori people. Also, games and competitions are available to help you think like a Polynesian native and test your skill level.

Visit the gift shop and take home mementos or a book to learn more. Oahu has a lot to offer as a tourist destination, but make sure you take advantage of some of the more special opportunities. After all, there are plenty of beaches in this world, but Hawaii’s unique culture is something you’ll want to experience and savor.

Finally, combining this visit with the Dole Plantation and Pearl Harbor makes for a great day. It’s interesting and educational but you’ll also leave with a profound respect for this place. The Polynesian Tours give you a glimpse of Hawaii before it was annexed by the United States. But Pearl Harbor will give you a profound appreciation for this island’s role in our country’s history. All in all, you’ll be submersed in the Hawaiian culture much more than if you’d just stuck to sipping pina coladas! Call Discover Hawaii Tours at 808-670-3743.

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