3 Best Kept Secrets to Visiting Hawaii on a Budget

Maybe you’re planning your honeymoon. Maybe you’ve always had Hawaii on your list but didn’t know how to make it happen. Or maybe you flat out don’t believe you can afford Hawaii. If any of these describe you, read on because we have some tips for doing Hawaii on a budget!

Getting there

Flying to Hawaii can be a large expense, especially from the Eastern and Southern parts of the US. But there are often vacation packages available that include airfare. Aim to go at an off time like September when kids are going back to school and summer vacations have already been taken. Also, check out travel deals on websites like TravelZoo. You’ll found discounts on everything from airfare to complete vacation packages that include accommodations too.

Sometimes people assume that cruises are more expensive. But if you price out the food and all-inclusive packages, they often save you some money. Consider booking a discounted cruise to help you save money on things like eating pricey island meals.

Do your research for tour discounts

There are tours for everything. You just need to start searching for the tours you plan to take and book them early (definitely before you fly to Hawaii). For instance, visit a site like DiscoverHawaiiTours.com to find Polynesian Cultural Center discounts. Here you’ll get the best prices on tours to take once you’re in Hawaii. This will also help you budget before you go. The trick is to narrow down what tours are most important to you. You likely can’t afford to do everything, but consider taking the volcano tour on foot instead of in the helicopter. Pricey tours can be fantastic, but you want to see many things so you have to prioritize.

Depend on locals

Finally, once you’re in Hawaii, you’ll have a lot of options. Many areas of the island cater to tourists. Ask locals for suggestions first—they’ll give you inside knowledge on where to go and it will likely cost less than the tourist-y restaurants. When we first got in town, we asked the man at the rental car center for a suggestion for a sushi restaurant. The food was great and the prices weren’t too high. Food and other goods can be pricey in Hawaii because most things are imported, so finding local joints is key to sticking to your budget!

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