Discover The Pacific At The Polynesian Cultural Center!

There is no other place in the world like the Polynesian Cultural Center, except well, Polynesia. But there is nowhere else you can experience all the magic of Polynesia in one place. Perhaps that is why the Polynesian Cultural Center is the most visited cultural landmark in Hawaii.

Tour the South Pacific at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is the only place where you can tour the South Pacific and experience the cultures and customs of seven island nations in one place. Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Aotearoa, Tahiti, and Marquesas Islands are all represented with exhibitions on their values and pastimes. Check out this slideshow!Peppering in a touch of humor really makes it memorable, learning and laughing along the way. You definitely won’t forget all the amazing things you saw and did at the Polynesian Cultural Center!

Feast at an amazing Polynesian Luau

Aside from experiencing all the amazing aspects of culture from around the Pacific, you can taste them too! Enjoy delicious dishes from around Polynesia and a presentation of the feast by the Ali’i royalty.
Savory and colorful dishes from around the region will start the rest of your evening right! And don’t forget about the Mai Tais!

The spectacular Polynesian Cultural Center Evening Show

The biggest draw of the Polynesian Cultural Center may very well have to be their evening show “Ha: Breath of Life.” As the island’s biggest evening show, this is the spectacle to see if you love entertainment!
There is so much to do at the Polynesian Cultural Center! Immerse yourself in the cultures of Polynesia by playing traditional games, learning to do the hula, and watching performances by people of these amazing places! Take part in a canoe race, throw a spear, get warpaint on your face, see how ancient Polynesians started fire, climbed coconut trees, and so much more!
You can even pair your Polynesian Cultural Center experience with a tour around other parts of Oahu, or spend the whole day there with a V.I.P. tour!

Are You Ready To Experience The Magic Of Polynesia?

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