Pin Hawaii: Share Your Hawaii Photos with the World!

We’ve launched a new social media campaign, and this time you are the star! Using Pinterest as our platform, Discover Hawaii Tours wants you to submit your Hawaii photos to our Pin Hawaii board. Let’s #pinHawaii! Click here to see the #pinHawaii board in action.

What it means to Pin Hawaii

Thousands of people enjoy the beauty of our islands every day, moving us in a special way. With imagery of sandy beaches, swaying palms, clear blue skies and ocean waters, Hawaii is the perfect place to experience true paradise. Pinterest, a new social media platform, is probably the greatest place to find inspiration online. The website uses Boards that feature collections of Pins. Each Board is curated by a user (or group of users) who post things they like in the form of Pins.

Here’s where you come in:

Share your Hawaii photos with us, and we’ll Pin them to our #pinHawaii board (check it out here).

How to submit your photos

  • If you’re on Pinterest, pin your Hawaii photo and tag it with #pinHawaii. Also, mention us with @DiscoverHawaii to be sure we see your submission.
  • On Facebook, simply post a photo to our Facebook Page wall (feel free to add a description, too).
  • On Twitter, use hashtag #pinHawaii and mention us by using @DiscoverHawaii.

Why you should Pin Hawaii

The Pin Hawaii Board will become a source of inspiration for people around the world who love Hawaii.

Let’s share the spirit of aloha, let’s #pinHawaii!

Click here to see how others are pinning Hawaii.

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