Hawaii Sunset Photo Guide: Tips and Locations to Try!

Adapted from the New York Institute of Photography’s article, we bring you a short guide on sunset photography tips, and some great places to try out your new found skills during your visit to Oahu so you can take home the perfect souvenir: A beautiful Hawaii sunset.Tips:
  • One thing not to do is trust your cameras built in meter, it will usually make the photograph extremely underexposed because the sky is still relatively bright.
  • Another thing you can do to increase the chances of catching that “perfect” shot is to use a technique called bracketing. To bracket you should take a series of three shots; your first picture with the recommended settings of the meter, and then the second  is another shot one stop under your recommended meter settings, for the third shot take it at one stop above your recommended meter settings.
  • Extremely important to the success of a photograph is timing. Since sunsets happen over time it is good to take pictures during the entire setting event. Often as the sun approaches the horizon clouds will move, colors will become richer, and you’ll have a variety of photos. Try taking a picture every five minutes or so to capture the different stages of the sunset.
  • Framing can play a crucial role in the interest created by the photograph. Try moving your camera around and using different objects in your foreground, objects in the foreground of a photo at sunset will become silhouettes and add to the photo. Also, try turning around and taking a picture of what the sunset is illuminating. The light at this time of day is magical, often called “the golden hour”, and it will produce some amazing effects on the objects where the sun’s fading rays illuminate at this time of day.
  • Make sure to take a tri-pod or monopod with you on your sunset picture excursions! The sometimes lengthy exposure times can turn a beautiful picture into a blurry mess. Having a solid base to rest your camera will always help.

Locations to TrySunset - Discover Hawaii Tours

On your visit to Oahu here are a few places to check out for some great sunset photo opps! Waikiki Beach Ko Olina Beach Park Kaena Point State Park North Shore Beaches, especially Waimea and, hence the name, Sunset Beach.

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