Pearl Harbor Tours for the Family


For many parents, vacation time can also be a time for children to explore new places and learn new things. While on vacation to a different state or country, they can learn about history and culture that may not be available to them in the classroom. A trip to Hawaii, for example, can be the perfect opportunity to introduce your family to the unique culture of Hawaii as well as Hawaii’s important place in American history. With Discover Hawaii Tours, you can treat your family to incredible Pearl Harbor Tours which will introduce them to rich American history.

A unique cultural experience awaits your family on the Pearl Harbor and Polynesian Cultural Center with Luau Show tour with Discover Hawaii Tours. Beginning with Pearl Harbor, you’ll visit the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center where you will learn all about the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941. This tour includes a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial, the memorial which now stands to honor the fallen from the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Also on this tour, you’ll be treated to a glimpse of Oahu’s famous North Shore Beaches. These beaches are infamous for their surfing waves, and during the winter months, they draw hundreds of surfers and thousands of spectators at surfing competitions. This tour ends with a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you and your family will learn fascinating facts about Polynesian culture. But the tour doesn’t end here! In order to complete your cultural experience, you’ll be treated to the Ali’I Luau buffet for dinner, a traditional meal in Hawaii, and then the luau show Ha: Breath of Life.

Perhaps the best way for your family to take in all that Pearl Harbor has to offer is to take the Complete Pearl Harbor Experience tour. This tour is available from all islands, no matter where you’d like to start. If you choose to travel from Kauai to Pearl Harbor, the cost of your airfare to the start or your tour is included in your ticket. On this tour, you’ll be taken to the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, and then out to the incredible battleships in the harbor. In addition to the USS Missouri, you’ll see the USS Arizona Memorial, the memorial which now sits overtop of the sunken hull of the USS Arizona. More than 1,000 officers and crew members died aboard the Arizona when Pearl Harbor was under attack on December 7th. The memorial now stands in their honor, watched over by the mighty USS Missouri.

For the real history buff in your family, you may want to consider buying tickets for the Battleships of World War II tour with Discover Hawaii Tours. This tour leaves no turret-gun unexplored as you and your family climb aboard the battleships that still sit in Pearl Harbor. You’ll begin at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, where you’ll see real attack footage from the harrowing day of December 7, 1941. Aboard the USS Missouri, or Mighty Mo, you can get up close and personal with its turret guns, unmatched in their power during World War II. Mighty Mo also has the distinct honor of being the sight of surrender by the Japanese which officially ended World War II.

Vibrant history awaits you and your family on one of our Pearl Harbor Tours. Don’t miss this great experience with your family. Book a seat today on one of Discover Hawaii Tours’ popular tour choices! Book online or call 808-670-3743.

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