Pearl Harbor Tours are a Personal Journey for Many Visitors

Pearl Harbor Tours
For many Americans, December 7, 1941 was not just an attack on Pearl Harbor. And it was not simply an attack on the United States of America. It was an attack on their ancestors, an attack on members of their family.

For these people, having an expert tour guide lead them on Pearl Harbor Tours is not just one of their Hawaii vacation activities. It’s a powerful personal experience, one for which they take years to prepare themselves. Many of these women and men are searching for understanding. They’re searching for a connection. They want a better of knowing what their loved ones went through regarding this date which will live in infamy.

Those with personal connections to Pearl Harbor don’t just want to see the place. They want to feel it.”

This is one of the valuable tools of the expert Pearl Harbor Tour Guides of Discover Hawaii Tours. They help every visitor to have a personal and memorable experience, especially those who are making the journey as a sort of pilgrimage into the past.

Robin is one of those people. She and her husband made reservations for one of our Pearl Harbor Tours earlier this month. She had more than an important personal reason for doing so. She had two.

Robin’s father and uncle are both passed. This pair of brothers were already proud sailors in the U.S. Navy before the attack on Pearl Harbor. They both had been assigned some service time there.

Robin says both her dad and her uncle would not talk much about what they experienced serving during their military service in World War II. Robin knows her uncle was only two days removed from the Pearl Harbor attack. He and the rest of the crew on board the USS Indianapolis sailed out of Pearl Harbor on December 5, 1941.

Coming to Pearl Harbor with her husband was an intentional showing of a sign of respect. They wanted to pay tribute to her dad, her uncle, and the rest of their generation. They took part in our full day tour. Afterward, Robin shared what a full and remarkable time it was.

“I was able to come away with more of an understanding about what World War II caused my father and uncle to go through. I also had a better understanding about why they fought like they did.

Mike was excellent as our tour guide. He helps you feel the human aspect of the Pearl Harbor attack. He shares some really compelling stories. Anybody can walk you around a battleship. Anybody can tell you facts about it. What makes for such a memorable experience is being with an expert tour guide who makes it all come to life through stories of people who were there. Be sure to allow a full day to do this tour.”

If visiting Pearl Harbor is personal to you, be sure to hop on board with Discover Hawaii Tours. It’s simply the best way to have the best experience.   


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