Pearl Harbor Memorial: Check In Now on Foursquare!

According to the Official Pearl Harbor Tour blog it is now possible to check-in using Foursquare at the Pearl Harbor Memorial, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Hawaii. More and more people are traveling with smartphones and staying connected at all times, and with the age of social media and smartphone apps, sharing your travels is easier than ever before. But sharing with those back home isn’t the only benefit of traveling with technology. By logging into foursquare travelers can find useful information that is up-to-date about the attraction they are visiting as well as cool and interesting tips that you may have missed otherwise.

Pearl Harbor Memorial Check Ins
Even if you don’t want to check in yourself, you can head over to the Pearl Harbor Memorial Foursquare page for some great tips on seeing the memorial from people that are currently there, or have been there in the recent past. Check out some of the great tips and facts that people are currently posting: “Photo ID required for some tours.” – Kristen C. “If you want tickets to see the Arizona, you need to be at the park by 7:00AM” – Q Wade B “Bringing a bag? Bring some cash to check it in… there’s a no-bag policy at Pearl Harbor” – Discover Hawaii Tours “Be Respectful” – Tracy H.

Discover Hawaii and Foursquare

Here at Discover Hawaii Tours we also have a foursquare account that has lots of great tips on things to do in Hawaii, as well as some interesting facts or tidbits that you might miss while you are partaking in some of the fun things Hawaii has to offer. Along with tips about the USS Arizona, you’ll find many great Pearl Harbor Memorial pictures and facts so that you can see what the area looks like before your trip, and maybe even learn a little bit before you get there!

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