The Top 3 Attractions at Pearl Harbor Hawaii (Part 1)

Have you ever wanted to tour Pearl Harbor Hawaii, but been unsure what sorts of activities you might find along the way? Planning a vacation can take serious dedication and effort-and knowing what’s available can make all the difference. Discover Hawaii Tours is a Hawaiian interisland tour company that has been in the business of providing their guests with the best possible service and quality since 1995. Their pursuit of excellence has earned them many awards and recognition over the years, and their Pearl Harbor Oahu tours are certainly no exception.  In order to properly detail the incredible sights to be experience along one of these tours, this guide has been written in three parts. Below are the first three most popular tourist destination stops on Oahu. Let’s cover them in detail:


Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial- The USS Arizona Memorial is hands down the most visited location in all of Hawaii. Every year, millions of guests pay their respects at this sacred resting place. The memorial is only accessible by boat, and hovers directly over the remnants of the ship without ever actually touching it. While contemplating the memorial, tourists will gaze upon the constant flow of oil from the ships shattered hull-This is commonly referred to as the “Black Tears of the Arizona”.

Pearl Harbor USS Oklahoma Memorial- This incredible memorial is dedicated specifically to the 429 brave men and women who lost their lives aboard the USS Oklahoma, which was sunk during the Pearl Harbor assault on December 7th, 1941. Although the ship was salvaged, it never saw a return to service. It was instead scrapped for vital parts, and distributed throughout the island of Hawaii. The memorial features black granite walls to symbolize the hull of the ship, while white marble pillars stand proud and tall like those who lost their lives aboard it.

Pearl Harbor Visitor Center- Few locations in the world are as full of World War II historical significance as the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Guests will experience amazing museums, watch a documentary of live WWII footage, and even meet some of the last remaining Pearl Harbor survivors. This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure you won’t want to miss.

These Pearl Harbor tourist destinations are just the beginning of what Discover Hawaii Tours has to offer in their amazing Hawaiian tour packages. For more information, please visit part 2 of the Pearl Harbor attraction guide, then head on over to the homepage at and begin your journey of a lifetime!

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