3 Reasons to Take Your Kids to Pearl Harbor

Taking a family vacation to Hawaii is a wonderful adventure. Likely you’re excited about relaxing on the beach, swimming with dolphins and seeing all the rainforests and volcanoes of Hawaii. But one place you shouldn’t overlook is Pearl Harbor. It’s an important historical site and a great place to visit with your family; here’s why?


  1. The history of Pearl Harbor is incredible. The Japanese attack on this naval base is the reason the US entered World War II. How different history would be if that attack had never happened. Not only that, 1,177 men lost their lives in the attack. By visiting the site of the attacks, you can make history come alive for your children. They will never forget the events of that day in history because they were at the site where it happened. Likely, they’ll be spouting off Pearl Harbor facts by the end of the trip.
  2. Another reason to visit with your family is because the memorial is rather beautiful. It floats out at sea and acts as a bridge hovering over the ocean. Below you can see some of the wreckage through the clear Pacific Ocean. You can also see that the USS Arizona still leaks fuel. Some visitors say it looks like the ship is bleeding below the water. It’s no wonder more than a million people visit this memorial each year—it’s that moving.
  3. Finally, this is a nice detour from the rest of your travels. While Hawaii can be educations in an ecological sense, the US history for this state is relatively short. You won’t find freedom trails and the like here—just some Polynesian traditions blended with US statehood. The events at Pearl Harbor really anchor Hawaii to this country and they will help your children understand why Hawaii is a state in the first place. Plus, you can use a break from the sun and the sand for just a few hours!
There are so many reasons to visit Pearl Harbor, but just make sure you go! You can also visit the Pacific Aviation Museum and see the battleship USS Missouri while you’re there. Your kids will enjoy learning about the battleships of World War II and it’s neat to see what tight quarters men lived in on these ships. Many tours will pick you up at your Waikiki hotel and narrate your time at Pearl Harbor. Check here for information.

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