Pearl Harbor: 70 Years Ago Our World Changed

“A date which will live in infamy” is what Roosevelt said about the attacks on Pearl Harbor. An accurate phrase, but it doesn’t describe the feelings that many have when it comes to the sacrifice and bravery that the men and women involved in the attacks on December 7, 1941 showed.70 years later, and a lot has changed in the world; technology, our daily lives, and even war strategies. As we move through the years sometimes the hustle and bustle of our daily lives numbs us to the passing of time, and days like today will always bring us back to reality. During the ceremonies held at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 2011, guests, family of survivors, and an ever decreasing number of survivors will pay their respects to the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice that day. The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association has announced that it will disband at the end of the month. William Muehleib, the president of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, cited age and poor health of remaining members as one of the reasons for the decision, and thanked the executive board for its courage in reaching the decision. Pearl Harbor is one of those places that just grabs your attention. As the navy shuttle boat cruises across the harbor the calm rolling waters, and light Hawaiian breeze is a stark contrast to the events that played out some 70 years ago. Boarding the USS Arizona Memorial and seeing the marble wall full of names of men and women who lost their lives in the attacks is a humbling experience. Regardless of what country we were born in, who our parents were, or how old we are there is something that brings us all together, something hard to put your finger on, but unavoidable.Those who sacrifice their own lives for something larger than themselves demonstrate the ultimate act of bravery and heroism. In the tradition of remembering our fallen soldiers, don’t forget to thank your brother, your dad, your boss, or the active duty member of the military standing in front of you in line. They have taken the ultimate commitment to protect something they believe in.

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