Panasonic’s Evolta Robot Sets Its Sight On Hawaii Ford Ironman World Championship

Evolta has completed three challenges to date, and with each completed challenge he is pushing the limits of technology.

Walked 311 Miles From Kyoto to Tokyo

He has walked an incredible 311 miles from Tokyo to Kyoto. This journey took the little robot and his team of robositters 2 months, stopping only when it was raining and at night to recharge its batteries. Evolta completed this challenge with the guidance of a small team to help him complete his journey successfully.

Scaled Grand Canyon Cliff Wall

Evolta has even scaled the Grand Canyon! Don’t be misled though, he climbed a rope that was suspended from the edge of the canyon, it was approximately 1,738 feet long and it took the robot just under 7 hours to complete the task.

Completed Le Mans Endurance Race

He also completed the Le Mans Endurance race which gained him a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the longest distance covered by a battery powered remote controlled car. The course is 23.726km and runs for 24 hours.

Evolta’s World Challenge IV

The small robot will take on its fourth world challenge in Hawaii. Panasonic and the creator of Evolta Robot, Tomotaka Takahashi, hope that the little robot will be able to complete the Ford Ironman World Championship held every October in Kona, Hawaii. Although Evolta Robot will not attempt this amazing feat while the actual competition is going on he will follow the same course that human contestants do during the event, and will use the same set of three rechargable batteries throughout the entire event. Evolta will be given an extension on time to complete the course, mainly due to his small size; Takahashi said “Evolta’s height is just one-tenth of a grown man, so we figured out that it would take it 10 times more time”. For this reason the little robot will be given a full week to complete the challenge.

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