Pan Am Takes Off Again On ABC This Fall

The Show

Advertised as full of drama and passion, the new ABC show “Pan Am” is set to air this fall, and will be based on the daily lives of the legendary air carrier’s flight attendants and pilots during the height of the company’s success in the 60′s.

The Company

Pan American World Airways, also known as Pan Am, was founded in 1927, and was known as the principle United States Air Carrier until they ceased operations in 1991. From humble beginnings as an air mail and passenger service between Key west, Florida and Havana, Cuba Pan Am would eventually established itself as a leading airline the world over. Their pilots and flight attendants went through rigorous training; pilots often began as mechanics and learned the ins-and-outs of all of Pan Am’s aircraft before training to fly. Flight attendants from Pan Am were known worldwide for their professionalism, and were known then as “stewardess” or “air hostess”. All air hostesses were female and required to have not only nurse training, but be unwed as well.

Hawaii and Pan Am

Pan Am began researching routes to China in 1935, and would use Hawaii as a stepping stone to the east. After the route had been established word was in from Postmaster General Farley and President of Pan Am Juan Trippe, and the M-130 China Clipper left San Francisco. It faded into the blue skies after takeoff, headed for Honolulu. A little under 18 hours later the Pioneer clipper approached its final destination and was joined by about 60 planes from Oahu’s Army and Navy air forces. The M-130 China Clipper landed in the Hawaiian Islands, as part of its trip to Manila; Pan Am wanted to establish an air mail route between the United States and China. . By October of 1936 Pan Am had started a passenger service that flew 6 times a week from San Francisco to Manila via Honolulu, opening a new door for the Hawaiian Islands and tourism.

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