Unveiling of the Pan Am exhibit at the Pacific Aviation Museum

The Pacific Aviation Museum unveiled its new Pan Am exhibit on the 75th anniversary of the first paying passengers flying from San Francisco to Honolulu. During the opening ceremony the audience got a chance to hear from a member of the Board of Directors at the Pacific Aviation Museum and the Pan Am Representative, Ed Swofford, who said “This day is one that I’ve dreamed of for some time. I was hoping to get a permanent exhibit for Pan American in a museum for the rest of history.” As all the ex-employees of Pan Am, or “Pan Am-ers”, in the audience stood up and Mr. Swofford said “All of you are the ones responsible for today. You’re part of the world’s greatest airline and made this thing happen.” The ceremony was concluded with a traditional Hawaiian blessing of the exhibit and all those involved with Pan Am, following the blessing the exhibit was unveiled, and there was cake and champagne for invited guest and museum dignitaries. The room was full of Pan Am passion, and everyone was talking about their own little piece of Pan Am history

Pan Am the Show, and the Greatness of Pan Am the Company
You can’t mention Pan Am the company without hearing something about the Pan Am show, and it came up throughout the day. The biggest gripe anyone had about the show was that the pilots that were cast are much too young. We caught up with a “Pan Am-er” during the social hour after the ceremony, Marsha, and she talked about the loyalty that Pan Am created among their employees, she said “One thing that made Pan Am great was that they really took care of their employees. When we left home we went overseas. So we had a company that took care of us, and we saw the world very nicely.” In the climate of today’s world many would agree that it must have been very nice to work for a company that made sure its employees had nothing but the best, and it must be one of the contributing factors for the passion found among Pan Am employees.

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