Packing Tips for an Easy Flight

There is nothing worse than starting off a vacation to Hawaii by arriving at the airport with bulging, over packed bags. Getting charged for checked-bags is bad enough, but add to that overweight bag fees and carry-on luggage that won’t fit in the overhead bin, and your dream vacation begins as a living nightmare. Don’t despair though, with a few easy and simple tips, you will arrive at the airport (and in Hawaii) relaxed and happy.
First and foremost, take care that your bag doesn’t look like a midget has been stuffed in it. Oddly contorted bags are the first sign that your bag is overweight. Second, get in the habit of using vacuum-sealed storage bags for both your checked-bag and your carry-on. This will not only protect your clothes from the soles of your shoes, but it will also help save space. Finally, be sure and call the airline you are traveling with and confirm the airline’s carry-on bag restrictions. It is always embarrassing to have to switch the contents of your bag in front of strangers at the airport. Most travelers on Hawaii tours tend to overpack. Just remember, Hawaii is the 50th state, you can find anything that you forgot to pack here!

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