Packing For Your Vacation: #AlohaLive Twitter Chat

Most everyone stresses over packing for your vacation, so we decided to ask our Twitter followers how they pack for a trip. Here’s what they said on this week’s #AlohaLive!

This week’s #AlohaLive conversation…

Q1: Best airline for checking in luggage?

Q2: How to visit Hawaii with only a carry-on bag?

Q3: Space-saving tips on how to pack?

Q5: Is there something you didn’t pack for Hawaii that you wish you thought to bring?

Q6: Essential items to bring along the Road To Hana?

Q7: Things you don’t pack but buy instead?

Q8: Which is easier: Packing for a trip, or packing up when it’s over?

Q9: If you could bring only one thing with you, what would it be?

Q10: What’s one thing you ALWAYS forget to pack?

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