Over The North Pole Shortcut Extends Reach of Twin-Engine Jets

The Global Travel Industry (GTI) news blog has reported on a new route that was made available to Airlines due to relaxed restrictions from American aviation regulators. Airlines using planes with two twin-jets have now been given a little more lee-way when planning their flights for the future; America’s aviation regulators have decided that twin-jet aircraft can now fly 5 hours and 30 minutes away from the nearest suitable landing place, where before they were restricted to staying within 3 hours of one. This will now allow airlines to fly over the North Pole, a route that has been named “Santa’s Shortcut”. To ensure the safety of passengers, airlines will have to maintain a series of standards including additional equipment and providing special training to staff flying the new route. Being able to fly this route is a major advantage for airlines because it makes many destinations reachable as well as making the costs of flying to some places much cheaper. GTI reported that flying over the North Pole “gives a green light to flights from Britain straight across the North Pole to Pacific islands that are currently off the route map.” This is a good thing for popular destinations across the world, such as Hawaii. Places that were once too expensive, or involved too much travel will now be made accessible to many more people. Not only will vacationers be able to experience exotic islands that they’ve always dreamed of, but airlines will benefit from cheaper operating costs and expanded routes. For example, in regards to this new route possibility President of Virgin Atlantic told the Independent “This new development really does open up a whole new world and will allow us to take our Dreamliners to more exciting and exotic places. Our new fleet of 787s could well be flying to Honolulu or even Fiji one day.”

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