Our Top Things To Do On Maui!

Visiting Maui for the first time? Well this wonderful island, often called “The Magic Isle” is full of beautiful surprises. Here’s our top things to do on Maui, make sure you do at least two of them, and give yourself bonus points for doing them all!

Top things to do on Maui

1. The Road to Hana

Of all the top things to do on Maui, a journey on the Road to Hana reigns supreme. Lush tropical rainforest, breathtaking waterfalls, black sand beaches, stunning coastal scenery, and the arid southern slopes of Mt. Haleakala make for what is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful drives in the country!
Want to see the Road to Hana’s most spectacular sites? Join us on tour and focus on sightseeing by leaving the driving to us!

2. The island of Molokini

At #2 of our top things to do on Maui is a true Pacific gem. The island of Molokini is quite possibly the best place for snorkeling on Maui, if not in all Hawaii. Thriving and bright coral reef teeming with hundreds of species of fish and unparalleled underwater visibility come together for a spectacular snorkeling experience.
Take a snorkeling adventure to Molokini and discover the beauty for yourself!

3. Watch a famous Maui sunset

Watching a famous Maui sunset will always be on our top things to do on Maui, and the best part is you can do it every day you’re on the island! They say “Maui no ka oi” which means, “Maui is the best” and I have a strong feeling it has to do with the sunsets!
For a romantic way to watch a famous Maui sunset, enjoy a dinner cruise and have that special moment with your special someone.

4. Go whale watching

Every winter and through most of spring Hawaii is delighted to host some very special visitors. Humpback whales. Nursing their young in the warm tropical waters of our islands, many whales stay near the surface to breath and breach, putting on an amazing show.
Join us in experiencing these gentle giants in their natural habitat!

5. Swim at a black sand beach

Maui has lots of beaches, and many different types of them. White sand, black sand, and even red sand. But there is just something special about the feeling of black sand between your toes.
Swim at Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach and enjoy a delicious local lunch on our Road to Hana tour, and do two of our top things to do on Maui in one day! I hope this list of our top things to do on Maui inspires your vacation. For another fun way to explore the exciting possibilities of Hawaii, check us out on Pinterest! Discover all the amazing things to do on Maui by visiting our Maui page. Alooooha!

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