Our Top 5 Fun Things To Do On Oahu

Finally getting your chance to visit Hawaii? If it’s your first time coming to Hawaii you may need some help choosing from all the fun and exciting things to do, and we’re here to help! Here’s our top 5 fun things to do on Oahu. Enjoy!

Things to do on Oahu

1. Make a splash!

Hawaii is a water wonderland, make sure you make a splash on vacation! With plenty of aquatic activities to choose from, you can have fun under the sun with everything from snorkeling with dolphins (I did it, it was AMAZING) to sailing into the sunset.
Make sure you make a splash with all the aquatic activities Hawaii has to choose from!

2. Experience the island on a Circle Oahu Tour

Oahu is a tropical gem with many things to see, so make the most out of your trip by taking a Circle Oahu Tour! Whether you want to swim at a waterfall, sample tasty tropical treats, or start your morning at Pearl Harbor, a Circle Oahu tour is a must for a list of things to do on Oahu!
With all the amazing possibilities, taking a Circle Oahu Tour is a must for things to do on Oahu!

3. Watch a North Shore surf contest

One of the most fun and exciting things to do on Oahu in the wintertime is to watch a North Shore surf contest. Every year the entire surfing industry descends upon Oahu’s North Shore beaches for epic surf contest and to watch daring surfers test their mettle.
Watching waves like this in a surf contest is a great addition to your list of things to do on Oahu. Join us in discovering the North Shore!
Need tips for watching North Shore surfing? We got you covered!

4. See the Waikiki fireworks show

One of the best FREE things to do on Oahu, enjoy the Waikiki fireworks show every Friday at 7:45 pm.
Free fireworks in Waikiki on vacation? Things to do on Oahu don’t get any better than this!
Check out this blog post about the Waikiki fireworks show for more details.

5. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center

Oahu’s Polynesian Cultural Center is a park like none other in the world. Part theme park (minus the roller coasters and cotton candy) part cultural exhibit (minus the stuffy museum setting), visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center should be on everyone’s list of things to do on Oahu.
With so many fun things to do, how could a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center NOT be on someone’s things to do on Oahu list?! Photos courtesy of Polynesian Cultural Center
Nowhere else can you experience and take part in the cultural traditions of 7 South Pacific island nations in one place, and have so much fun doing it!

For more things to do on Oahu…

Wanting more ideas for things to do on Oahu? Our “Checklist for Hawaii” board on Pinterest is a fun and exciting way to find ideas of things to do. Our FourSquare page has lots of tips for places on the island, and it can be a big help! Hopefully these tips have some great ideas to add to your list of things to do on Oahu. Alooooha!

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