Our Most Popular Hawaiian Excursions

Wondering which Hawaiian excursions are popular with vacationers to the islands? With so many amazing things to do to choose from, it might be a hard decision on what to pass on and what to go for. Here’s a deeper look at our most popular Hawaiian excursions and will help you decide!

Our Most Popular Hawaiian Excursions

If the places people choose go are any indication of what they want to see, then these Hawaiian excursions will take you to the most popular attractions in Hawaii. Here they are:

1. Hawaiian excursions to Hawaii’s volcanoes

Hawaii is home to one of the most geologically active volcanoes on the planet. Mount Kilauea has been erupting almost constantly since the mid 1980′s.
Home to many natural wonders besides volcanoes, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an interesting and exciting way to learn about Earth’s processes. From lava tubes and steam vents to rainforests and waterfalls, a Hawaiian excursion to the volcanoes on the Big Island are a treat!

2. Hawaiian excursions to Oahu’s historic Pearl Harbor

Oahu’s Pearl Harbor is the most visited historic attraction in Hawaii. From memorials to museums, survivors to souvenirs, a visit to Pearl Harbor is a must for many.
Providing fun for the whole family, the battleship USS Missouri will wow young ones with her mighty guns and gargantuan size (especially if they saw the movie Battleship). The museums of the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center will give you greater insight and appreciation for the struggle America was able to fight through and overcome. A vacation to Oahu just isn’t complete without a visit to Pearl Harbor!

3. Hawaiian excursions along Maui’s Road to Hana

Highly regarded as one of the most beautiful drives in the country, Maui’s Road to Hana makes for a truly unforgettable Hawaiian excursion. Lush rainforest, stunning coastal scenery, majestic waterfalls, and diverse terrain will show you the many faces Hawaii has.

A journey of the Road to Hana is definitely something to go for when visiting Maui!

4. Circle island Hawaiian excursions

Taking a circle island tour in Hawaii is a great way to see many of the island’s sights in one day. The best time for a circle island tour is at the beginning of your trip because when you find somewhere that you really love you’ll have enough time to return there and experience it again.

We offer a variety of circle island tours. You can visit Pearl Harbor, visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, and even swim at a breathtaking waterfall!

5. Inter-island Hawaiian excursions

A great way to take your vacation to the next level is by taking an inter-island excursion. Day tours offer a chance to experience the attractions and personality of more than one island without having to check into a new hotel. The best part about inter-island tours is they visit the destinations of our most popular Hawaiian excursions! For tips on island hopping in Hawaii, check out this recent post from our Hawaii Travel Blog. Aloooooha!

Join us on exciting Hawaiian excursions!

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