Our Islands’ Fathers: Men Who Shaped Hawaii

In homage to the men who cared for the cultures of Hawaii, Discover Hawaii Tours is publishing a series of articles dedicated to some of the greatest men who changed the lives of people in Hawaii.
Up until Father’s Day 2011, June 19th, we will share the stories of Hawaii men who made the Hawaiian Islands what they are today.
  • A devoted man who introduced surfing to the world and cared deeply for his Hawaiian people, Duke Kahanamoku.
  • A humble man whose genius in mastering Hawaiian instruments without formal lessons changed the musical culture of Hawaii, Gabby Pahinui.
  • A mainland-born man whose industrialist ways sculpted the modern landscape of Hawaiian agriculture and tourism, James Dole.
  • A generous man whose faith in the art of hula brought Hawaiian dance to international acclaim, George Na’ope.
  • A saintly man who dedicated his life’s work to caring for the forgotten people of Hawaii, Father Damien.
  • And the greatest father of Hawaii, the man who brought the islands together in unity, King Kamehameha I.
These six men have shaped Hawaiian culture in major ways, all of which continue to influence life in Hawaii. Prepare for an enriching Father’s Day in Hawaii and throughout the world. Whether you’re embarking on a vacation in Hawaii or simply ‘surfing’ around for interesting history and backgrounds on Hawaii’s famous men, Our Islands’ Fathers: Men Who Shaped Hawaii will undoubtedly enlighten your Hawaiian experience. Mahalo nui loa to all the fathers who have touched our lives and the people around us.

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