Why Pearl Harbor Oahu is a Must Visit

Pearl Harbor is one of the most significant historical landmarks in United States history. Originally named for the pearl oysters that were once harvested off its coast, Pearl Harbor is well known for the aerial assault launched against its shores during World War II. This attack eventually led to the United States’ involvement in the war.

It is no wonder why Discover Hawaii Tours has put an incredible emphasis on showcasing this memorial site by offering the best Oahu tours, at only the very fairest of prices. The things to do in Oahu along one of their Pearl Harbor tours are as vast as they are rewarding. Below are a few examples of the attractions you will find along one of these fabulous tours.

Discover Hawaii Tours offers a wide variety of tours all around the Hawaiian islands. Of all their famous tours, the ones involving Pearl Harbor are most popular. The World War II tours offer a stunning look back in time at not only the histories of Hawaii, but at its role in World War II as well.

Tourists will interact with experienced and knowledgeable guides throughout their entire journey. These highly trained professionals are there to answer your hard hitting questions. “What was Japan’s motivation in attacking Pearl Harbor?” “How did the United States retaliate to this threat on National Security?”

Along the way you will see legendary battleships such as the USS Missouri, and even the famous submarine USS Bowfin. Tourists will be guided through these amazing American warships in great detail.

While on your great journey, you will visit many local museums and exhibits. From the famous Pacific Aviation Museum, to solemn memorials like that of the famous USS Arizona, tourists will experience Hawaii’s rich cultural history firsthand.

There are many other things besides history involved in a Pearl Harbor Oahu tour, though. Visitors will be able to see the great city of Honolulu, the coral-built Kawaiahao Church, and even the Great Statue of King Kamehameha. Then follow it up with an exotic Polynesian food dish from one of the cities well known stops, the Laniakea Café!

All these things to do in Hawaii Oahu are available to you through Discover Hawaii Tours. Call 808-670-3743 now to begin booking your Oahu Vacation today!


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