Oahu Tours Will Take You To The Island’s Best Sites!

The island of Oahu is the most popular of all the Hawaiian islands to visit. It is also the most developed and has the greatest diversity of attractions, making it irresistible to vacationers. Here a look at some of the amazing things that can be seen on Oahu tours!

Battleship Missouri on Oahu tours

Located on Ford Island, the USS Missouri is the most exciting and hands-on attraction at Pearl harbor. You can tour the decks, examine the massive guns, see the living quarters, venture up to the bridge where the captain sits, and stand deck where the Japanese surrendered.
As one of America’s most famous ships, a visit to the USS Missouri is not only informative and historic, its extraordinarily fun! Youngsters are always left in awe at the biggest things man can build, and the USS Missouri is no different. And if you saw the movie Battleship you may even recognize some spots from the movie!
Stopping by the USS Arizona Memorial first, tours of Pearl Harbor can be a solemn and moving experience. The history of the sites, the legacy of the area, and the impact of the events that have transpired there all come rushing up to the surface in a wave of emotion when you look town into the turquoise waters at the sunken USS Arizona. A day at Pearl Harbor is one vacation memory you won’t forget, join us on tour today!

North Shore beaches on Oahu tours

Oahu is famous for it’s North Shore being the world’s center of big-wave surfing. Since the early 1960′s people have flocked to this “7 mile miracle” to see daring surfers test the limits of their skill and their bodies against the powerful wintertime surf.
Little is it known though that the North Shore only has waves in the wintertime. While surfing in Hawaii is a year-round activity, and a way of life, the giant waves are caused by storms in the north Pacific and only hit Hawaii from late October to March. This is not necessarily a bad thing though. In the summertime the North Shore is the most tranquil and scenic part of the island in my opinion. Calm and clear waters are excellent for diving and watersports, and there are endless photo opportunities.
Oahu tours visit the North Shore year round and stop at places like Sunset Beach, Laniakea (Turtle) Beach, and Waimea Bay. If you either spend a day on the North Shore or stop there on a Circle Oahu Tour, the sights and feel of Oahu’s country is amazing addition to your vacation!

Find a hidden waterfall with Oahu tours

If you’re looking to connect with nature on vacation, then an eco-tour is for you! Venture up to a beautiful hidden waterfall and learn about the delicate Hawaiian ecosystem on the way.
Our nature guides are passionate about the Hawaiian outdoors and would love to share their knowledge with you! The tropical rainforest, fresh air, and seclusion from the towering hotels of Waikiki will help you find balance on your vacation, along with the ultimate reward of the waterfall at the end of the trail!
These are just some of the amazing destinations you can find yourself at on Oahu tours. Check out all of our Oahu tours here, and be sure to get a head start on your vacation planning. Summer is a busy season, so here’s some vacation tips to get you started. Be sure to visit our Travel Blog for other useful tips, like what to do on vacation and other ways to prepare for your trip like “The Only Hawaii Packing List You Need.” Aloooha!

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