Most Popular Hawaiian Vacation Spots

If you are traveling to Hawaii (and it seems like everyone is!), you want to be certain that you squeeze the most out of your vacation time. There is a fantastic amount of content to be enjoyed, sights to be seen, and adventures to be had while paying a visit to the Hawaiian Islands. If an interisland vacation sounds like your thing, then buckle up. Here are a few Hawaiian vacation spots you should not pass up.

1. Wailua Falls, Maui: Maui, also known as “The Valley Isle” is well known for its majestic waterfalls and nature walks. The Wailua falls are a wonderful example of the beauty that can be found along an eco-adventure through the heart of Maui. Gaze upon this 200ft drop of cascading water, and take in the tranquility of this unforgettable paradise. Navigate the road to Hana, and witness the primordial glory of this untouched land.

2. North Shore Beaches, Oahu: Hawaii is well known for its incredible surfing conditions, but no spot is more sacred to the surfing community than the legendary North Shore Beaches. Every year, surfers from all around the world travel to these Hawaiian havens to compete in surfing competitions. Grab some sun, then try out the famous Oahu snorkeling tours and see for yourself why Oahu is the go to vacation spot for millions of tourists.

3. Pearl Harbor, Oahu: This location is without a doubt Hawaii’s most famous tourist destination, drawing millions of people every year to its shores. From Pearl Harbor USS Arizona Memorial tours, to the Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor is a must see. Walk the decks of battleships such as the USS Missouri, and submarines like the USS Bowfin. All tours are guided along by trained experts, and guests are taken through a step by step analysis of the events leading up to the Japanese’ air strike on Pearl Harbor.

4. Mount Kilauea, Big Island: Located within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Mount Kilauea is the youngest and most active of the three volcanos on Big Island. Lava has been flowing from it nonstop since 1983, and is the source of many Hawaiian local myths. Take the journey of a lifetime and see this powerful landmark up close and personal. Then check out the surrounding sites like the Thurston Lava Tube, the Kilauea Volcanic Steam Vents, and more.

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