Staying on Oahu in Hawaii


When you visit Hawaii, you’ll have to decide which island to book a hotel on. It can be a tough decision because there is so much to do on each island. But many people opt to stay on Oahu. It’s the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands and so there are plenty of resorts and hotels to stay at. You’ll enjoy the beaches of Waikiki and be able to take in the sites like Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head.

But once you have seen most of the island, you may want to take a tour on a different island. This is where interisland tours from Oahu come in. These tours are very popular and include a quick plane ride to your destination. Hawaii’s Volcano tour, for instance, is a popular pick. For the price of the tour, you’ll fly to the Big Island of Hawaii and take a tour of Volcanoes National Park. Here you’ll see the amazing enormity of Mount Kilauea—one of the world’s most active volcanoes. You’ll go through the park and hike through the Thurston Lava Tube. You’ll see waterfalls and experience the historic Banyan Drive. What’s more, you can see Hilo and even walk on a black sand beach. There is a lot to do on the Big Island but by the end of the day you will pack up and fly back to Oahu to stay in your own bed.

Interisland tours are a great option for tourists who want to see more than just one island. These are also more economical than taking a cruise where the itinerary is already locked down for you. Consider staying on one island but look for all the tours you might want to take along the other islands. If there is only one day of activities that interest you, an interisland tour may be a better bang for your buck rather than island hopping to another hotel.

Oahu is a favorite among tourists for several reasons. Not only are the people and beaches there, but the resorts offer a wide range of amenities. The food scene of Hawaii is flourishing in Oahu and there are several opportunities to see the Hawaii life without having to see each island. It’s an accessible way to see Hawaii and popular for its major airport. Consider making Oahu your home base but doing what you want while in Hawaii! Book a trip with Discover Hawaii Tours by calling 808-670-3743.

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