The Top 3 Attractions at Pearl Harbor Hawaii (Part 3)


Aloha, and welcome to the third segment in the top attractions of Oahu Pearl Harbor. In the first and second installments many great locations were covered, including: The USS Arizona Memorial, The USS Oklahoma Memorial, The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, The USS Missouri, The USS Bowfin, and even The Pacific Aviation Museum. This third and final article will focus on the stops you should make while visiting Pearl Harbor that are unrelated to World War II. There are so many great things to see, let’s delve into a few of them:

Historic Honolulu City Tour - Downtown Honolulu is a sprawling tropical metropolis that seamlessly fuses ancient Polynesian culture with modern day architecture. Tourists who decide to visit this incredible city will experience the journey of a lifetime, as they sight-see amazing locations like “King Kamehameha the Great Statue”, the “Ali’iolani Hale”, the “Honolulu Hale”, the “Ala Moana Beach Park” and so much more.

Punchbowl National Cemetery- Located on the edge of downtown Honolulu is where tourists will find this hallowed resting place. It has a long history in Hawaiian sacrifice, law and order, and even burial services. It is here where many famous men and women were laid to rest, including an Iwo Jima Flag Raiser, and Ellis S. Onizuka. Many unidentified Pearl Harbor casualties were buried upon this respected land as well, and thousands come to this cemetery every year to honor these fallen heroes.

Iolani Palace & Kawaiahao Church- If taking a journey through time sounds like your thing, then look no further. These locations are time capsules of historical significance. The Kawaiaihao Church was built in the mid 1800’s off the backs of incredibly hard-working Hawaiians. The natives dove below sea to collect the coral and hand-chisel it to perfection. It is recognized as a U.S. Historical Landmark, and is a drawing point for Honolulu tourism. The Iolani Palace is also very important, as it is the capitol district of downtown Honolulu. It is the only Royal Palace in the United States that has been used by a reigning monarch, and it still stands today as a bastion of pride, culture, and history. Today it stands open as a museum to the public, and is a key talking point for any Oahu tour.

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