The Top 3 Things to do in Oahu

Traveling to Hawaii is an amazing experience. Although this chain of islands is part of the U.S., not everyone is lucky enough to visit Hawaii. Your vacation will feel exotic yet with the comfort of a U.S., English-speaking locale. An easy place to start is Oahu. Oahu, Hawaii vacation rentals are available and a great option if you’re traveling with your family. Here are the top 3 things to do in Oahu on your vacation.


  1. First, enjoy Oahu’s circle tour. This tour takes you all around the island and shows you volcanoes, scenic lookouts and waterfalls. You’ll get a healthy dose of all the eco-tourism of the island but in a one day tour. There are plenty of tours available for this route. Go to for details and the best pricing available.
  2. Another must-see in Oahu is Pearl Harbor. This is the site of the Japanese attack on the US Navy base. You can visit the USS Arizona Memorial and tour the USS Missouri, a WWII battleship. This is a living piece of history and the Pacific Aviation Museum is also worth your time. It’s important to stop here to show your kids a little part of US history and to pay respect to the 1100+ men who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor.
  3. Finally, Waikiki is a great spot and a do-not-miss in Oahu. Even if you aren’t staying near the beach, you should seek it out for a day. This area is famous for a reason and has some of the most beautiful beach in all of Hawaii. Plus you’ll be treated to a very popular tourist area of Oahu and you’ll have all the attractions of Hawaii at your fingertips.

Hawaii can be a great family vacation destination. You can enjoy the resort life and relax by the pool with the kids. But there are also plenty of tours and sightseeing to keep the whole family busy. The best part is that most of the tours will pick you up from your hotel in a mini coach. For the price of a full day tour, you’ll get transportation, narration and lunch included. This can be a great deal and a nice way to see plenty of attractions without having to plan all the logistics yourself.

Also, Hawaii has some great cuisine for the whole family to enjoy. If your family likes seafood, you’ll love what Hawaii has to offer. Fried coconut shrimp is a popular dish. Polynesian cuisine is all about fresh fruit, rice and some delicious deep fried offerings. You can also find some great sushi on the islands, but this might be less kid-friendly.

Enjoy your family trip to Hawaii—it’s a vacation you surely won’t forget!

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