The Best Scenery You’ll Find in Hawaii

The best way to experience the natural beauty of the island of Oahu is to see the entire island, not simply one beach or one waterfall. When you book a seat on the Ultimate Circle Island Eco-Adventure Tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, you’ll be on your way to a full day of incredible, lush, tropical scenery.

With this convenient Oahu circle island tour you will see some of the best beaches, forests, and tropical sights it has to offer—on the island of Oahu. You’re picked up by your tour bus close to your hotel, and you’ll spend the day with a knowledgeable tour guide who is able to answer all of your most burning questions. They’re passionate about the island of Oahu, and they’ll gladly share their zeal with you.

Even before you make it to lunch—which is prepared for you by local chefs using local ingredients—you’ll see dozens of unbelievable sights on this all-inclusive tour. Along the northern edge of the island, you’ll discover Waimea Valley. This lush, green paradise covers 1800 acres, and while you visit the Valley on this tour, you will see historic landmarks such as Hawaiian heiau temples. In the Hawaiian religion, heiau temples could serve many different purposes. At a heiau temple, the people might offer their first fruits or first catch of fish or ask for rain to fall for their crops. Each heiau was different, depending on the intended purpose of the heiau.

 At the end of your hike through Waimea Valley stands the forty-five-foot tall waterfall, the Waimea Falls. Here, you can hop into a changing room, put on your suit, and swim in the cool pond where the waters rush to as they tumble down the mountain. Take a moment to relax from the hot, Hawaiian sun and take in the experience of swimming at the base of a waterfall!

Another amazing attraction and beautiful site to make sure that you visit is Laniakea Beach, or more appropriately named: Turtle Beach. This beach along North Shore Beach was given this name because of the likelihood of seeing green sea turtles in their natural home. This isn’t a beach where people come to swim, but where people come to hopefully catch a glimpse of this majestic creature. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot a green sea turtle basking on the rocks on the shore or grazing on seaweed under the clear, blue waters. Make sure to bring a camera, because this is one experience that you’ll want to have captured to show your friends and family back home!

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