What Wildlife are You Most Likely to See on a Shark Encounter?

When you go on a shark encounter tour, the number one incredible sea animal you hope to see is a shark! You’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to see them up close in their natural habitat, gliding through the water toward your shark encounter cage. You’re looking forward to the thrill of knowing that their teeth are so close and that their powerful bodies are just on the other side of the aluminum bars around you. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a few different species of shark!

With Discover Hawaii Tours, you can experience all this and more. On the North Shore Shark Cage Encounter tour, you’ll travel three miles off the coast of Oahu to have your personal Hawaii shark encounter. When your experienced tour guides help you into the aluminum cage out in the sparkling blue ocean, you can expect to see a number of different kinds of sharks. These include the Gray reef shark, Galapagos shark, Sandbar shark, and the well-known Hammerhead shark. However, there is also a good chance that you’ll see some other incredible wildlife that shares the ocean waters with the sharks.

More than 250 species of fish live off the coast of Oahu, where your Hawaii shark tours with Discover Hawaii Tours will take place. So you’re likely to see a few fish pass you by in the waters. After your shark encounter, if you’d like to see more of the variety of fish that call the sparkling blue ocean home near Oahu, choose one of Discover Hawaii Tours’ snorkeling tours. You’ll be provided with state-of-the-art snorkeling equipment and expert instruction by knowledgeable staff, and then you’ll glide easily over the stunning, colorful reefs in the shallow waters off the coast, watching vibrant and energetic fish dart by you.

Surprisingly, your North Shore shark adventures may also bring you up close with wild dolphins. These beautiful creatures sometimes play nearby, so you may spot them gliding by in a school. Discover Hawaii Tours has a number of dolphin tours to offer if you’d like to see more dolphins in their natural habitat. And in addition to wild dolphin tours, you could also head to Sea Life Park to visit the dolphins who live there!

Turtles are not uncommon to see as you wait for a shark to come by on your Hawaii shark encounters. In Oahu, green sea turtles spend a lot of their time at Laniakea Beach, otherwise known as Turtle Beach where they sun themselves and feed on seaweed. In order to see more of these majestic creatures up close, consider a circle island tour of Oahu with Discover Hawaii Tours.

Finally, during the winter months, guests have even been known to see the occasional whale passing by in the water. Discover Hawaii Tours also offers whale tours during select months of the year. On one of these tours, you’re guaranteed to see a whale! The different kinds of ocean wild life you may encounter while on your shark encounter is truly endless. And, with Discover Hawaii Tours, if you want to take a closer look at any one of these animals, it’s easy to do so. Discover Hawaii Tours makes it simply with so many tours to choose from so that you have the best experience possible learning about and experiencing ocean wildlife. 

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