North Shore Oahu Surf Legend Garrett McNamara

North Shore Oahu – Where Surfers Are Born

North Shore Oahu is famous the world over for the big waves, beautiful sunsets, and natural beauty that surrounds this perfect stretch of the island. It is also famous for the surfers who have called the shore front home. Surf legends like Eddie Aikau, Kelly Slater, and current world-champion Carissa Moore have spent many hours in the water perfecting their craft and mastering some of the world’s most famous surf breaks. It is now time to add another surf legend to the growing list of North Shore Oahu surfers. Welcome, Garrett McNamara!

The Legend Grows

Well, McNamara was already on the list, but his legend certainly has grown in recent days.  Born in Massachusetts in 1967, Garrett moved to North Shore Oahu in 1978 and established himself as a standout surfer, one of the best ever to ride the waves at Pipeline and Rocky Point His list of accomplishments is quite long, and includes placing in the Hawaiian Triple Crown Series at 17, many notable sponsors, and winning the Tow Surfing World Cup at Jaws, the famed Maui surf break. Garrett won the competition at Jaws, pocketing $70,000 and solidifying his place in surf legend If you think a 70-foot wave at Jaws in impressive, then you’ll be thoroughly impressed with the 90-foot wave that McNamara rode in November 2011 in Portugal, and has just recently been recognized as a world-record by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Congratulations to Garrett McNamara for his amazing feat. Check out the video below!

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