The Best Tours for the Most Beautiful Lookouts

Looking for some Hawaii fun tours with amazing Hawaiian sights? On a tour with Discover Hawaii Tours, you can embark on North Shore Eco Tours, South Shore Tour, or even a circle island tour of Oahu that is sure to help you get your fill of great sightseeing. Here are just a few of the amazing ocean and mountain lookouts that you’ll encounter on a tour of Oahu with Discover Hawaii Tours.

Amelia Earhart took the first solo flight from Hawaii to North America in 1935. Hawaii is proud to be included in Amelia Earhart’s incredible aeronautical history, and so a lookout point along the circle island tours of Oahu has been named after the famous pilot. The Amelia Earhart Lookout stretches over the beautiful ocean waters, and you can almost picture the course she took on that day when she made aeronautical history. This is one of our very popular North Shore eco tours.

Nu’uanu Pali Lookout is a great place to experience real Hawaiian history. This is the very place where King Kamehameha led his people to unity in the later 1700s. King Kamehameha is still honored throughout Hawaii as the leader who unified the warring islands, and his statue now stands in downtown Honolulu. At this lookout point, you’re also at a rather high vantage point, so make sure that you bring your camera in order to capture the breathtaking views of the lush green forests and immense mountains in the distance.

Hanauma Bay Lookout is a wonderful place to see Oahu’s ocean life. The Bay is home to over three hundred species of fish, and because it is well protected from incoming waves, the Bay is also the perfect place to practice your snorkeling skills. This Bay is well protected by the City and County of Honolulu in order to preserve the abundant marine life there. However, because the number of people entering the beach is monitored rather closely, it is easy to get up close to the water to get some great photos of the Bay and surrounding cliffs.

From the La’ie Point lookout, the sparkling blue waters are breathtaking. As you look across the waves, you’ll be able to see the famous Puka Island. It has a hole at its center! This point also overlooks five small islands. Hawaiian legends claim that a giant lizard used to patrol the point, but he was defeated by a man named Kana. When Kana divided the body of the conquered lizard, these became the five islands that you can now see.

All of these incredible sights can be found on any number of tours with Discover Hawaii Tours, or you can see them all on one remarkable tour! Book seats for you and your family or friends today on the Ultimate Circle Island Eco-Adventure or one of our other North Shore eco tours. Call 808-670-3743 or book online.

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