New Ocean Wave to Hold Pacific Rowing Race

New Ocean Wave, a company founded in 2011 with the idea of helping people achieve their dream to row across oceans, has announced that it will host the first race of its kind in 2014; the Pacific Rowing Race.

What is the Pacific Rowing Race?

The Pacific Rowing Race is a race in which entrants will travel across the Pacific Ocean, from Monterey Bay, California to Honolulu, Hawaii, in row boats. How could somebody row across an ocean is the first question that came to mind, but these aren’t your everyday row boats. These are, as the Daft Punk song goes, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” than your average row boat.

About their Boats

According to the New Ocean Wave website the type of row boats that will be used in the races are specifically built for long distance ocean rows, and are constructed of materials able to withstand the worst that the ocean can throw at them. Solo and team crews will be supplied with a minimum kit list which will detail the supplies that each team will be required to carry to ensure a safe and successful row.

About the Route

In 1976 the first solo rower, Patrick Quesnel, rowed from La Push, Washington to Hawaii, and was followed four years later by Peter Bird. The record for this route was set in 1997 when Mick Bird single handedly rowed from California to Hawaii in 64 days. The total distance of the route is 2100 nautical miles, but due to ocean currents, winds, and other natural elements each crew will likely row much farther. Teams from across the globe have already expressed interest in participating in the race. Individuals and crews from the USA, UK, Sweden, France, New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, China, Canada, and Belgium are just a few of the countries that the New Ocean Wave organizations has been contacted by about the race.

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