New Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

When traveling to neighboring islands on Hawaiian Airlines, you may be charged with a new baggage fee if you booked your itinerary on separate tickets. Hawaiian Airlines announced that, “…we can no longer afford to accommodate through-checked baggage as a courtesy to our guests unless the travel is on a single ticket.” The change will take effect on June 1, 2012.

Breaking down the new Hawaiian Airlines baggage fee

The Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy states that when traveling from North America to Hawaii you will pay $25 for the first checked bag and $35 for the second. Inter-island flights require a $17 fee for both the first and second checked bags. So, how does this new fee work? Like this: You will be charged an extra $17 per checked bag ($25 for 3rd and more)  if you:
  • Book a flight to any Hawaiian island and then book a separate connecting inter-island flight on Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Fly to any Hawaiian island, leave the airport, book an inter-island flight on Hawaiian Airlines and check baggage.
You will NOT be charged extra baggage fees if you:
  • Book a flight to any Hawaiian island with any carrier or agent that goes non-stop to that island.
  • Book a flight to any Hawaiian island with any carrier or agent that has a connecting flight in the islands that is included in the same itinerary.

Single ticket saves

Hawaiiian Airlines spokesman Keoni Wagner explained, “This change is not going to apply to the vast majority of our customers, who already fly on a single-ticket itinerary.” Basically this fee applies just as if you had left the airport and were coming back to check-in for a departure flight. If you book your inter-island flight from the mainland with a single itinerary that has either a non-stop flight to any island or if it goes through Honolulu first, this fee will not apply to you. Most travelers fall under this category and will not be affected by this change. The applicable situation is only if you book your inter-island travel separately from your mainland-to-Hawaii travel through a separate carrier or Hawaiian Airlines then this baggage fee will apply to you. Wagner re-iterates, “Almost all travel that has connecting flights in the itinerary is today booked on a single ticket.”

Save with Inter-island tours from Oahu

One way to avoid the inter-island baggage fees altogether is to stay on Oahu and take day excursions to the neighboring islands. When you take a day excursion tour with Discover Hawaii Tours your flight itinerary is included in your tour price and you don’t need to take any baggage with you that is larger than a carry-on.
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