New Direct Route to Hawaii Announced

It seems that recently airline services have been adding lots of flights to their offerings, especially flights coming to the beautiful state of Hawaii. A very popular provider, Hawaiian Airlines, has been rolling out new flights recently including the addition of flights between Maui and the mainland (erasing stops in Honolulu). United has announced this morning, January 31, that starting on June 7th they will be launching daily nonstop service from Washington Dulles International airport to Honolulu International Airport. The daily flight will depart Washington at 12:50pm and arrive in Honolulu at 5:15pm, and the return trip will depart Honolulu at 8:05pm and arrives in Washington at 11:30am. Hawaii is set to have a huge boost in tourism in the coming years and a number of factors will make getting to Hawaii much easier for many people across the globe. Here are just a few of the many reasons that Hawaii should see great growth in 2012:
  • A shortcut going over the North Pole was opened by American Aviation regulators which extends the reach of twin engine jets, and would allow for direct flights to Hawaii from places such as London Heathrow.
  • Hawaiian Airlines has been unveiling direct flight after direct flight, and has recently opened Maui up to direct flights from the Mainland.
  • President Obama made an executive order earlier in January which called for the relaxation of Visa rules for foreign visitors to the United States. At the forefront of this decision was the idea that allowing more visitors into the United States would be a huge boost for the tourism industry; creating jobs, growing industry and helping the struggling economy.

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