New Boarding Pass Fee from Airline, Will Hawaii Follow?

Just when you thought airlines couldn’t charge any more fees, Florida-based Spirit Airlines has decided to begin charging customers $5 to print out their boarding pass at the airport. Spirit Air, which does not fly to Hawaii, first made big headlines in 2010 when it began charging for carry-on luggage.
Spirit Air is the first US airline to implement this fee. Irish-based Ryanair charges a similar fee, albeit a more expensive one in Europe. Passengers will not have to pay the $5 if they check in online and print their own boarding passes. Along with this announcement Spirit says they will be lowering all fares on nonstop flights by $5. Spirit claims that these decisions were made by listening to its customers. Travelers to Hawaii don’t need to worry about boarding pass fees, yet. Undoubtedly travelers will be watching Hawaiian, United and American to see if they start implementing similar fees. While the boarding pass fee isn’t as bad as it can possibly get (think if the airlines began charging to use the restroom!), it is certainly making some travelers on tour to Hawaii wonder how far the airlines will possibly go.

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