New Big Island Volcano Eruptions

There has been a lot of action on the Big Island  lately from the world’s most active volcano, Mt Kilauea. In fact the notorious volcano has created so much buzz, it made international news the past few days. Recent eruptions, right on the Volcanoes National Park, have onlookers mesmerized with an amazing show being put on by Pele, goddess of fire. For a 28 year continuously erupting volcano, this is the most action seen in years.
Last Sunday, the massive crater floor of the P’u'u’o'o vent collapsed into the ground resulting in hundreds of small earthquakes around the volcano. The collapse, heard miles away, sounded like a demolition crew exploding a sky scraper. Millions of pounds of rock fell into the Earth and volcanic ash sky rocketed into the air. Shock waves from the earthquakes then caused a fissure to crack open 2 miles away, in a remote area of Volcanoes National Park. Like a water pipe bursting, lava started gushing out of the ground with lava spewing over 65ft in the air. The fountains engulfed nearby forests with a lava lake flooding the surrounding area. Scientists say the area could collapse without warning , forming a new volcanic crater on the summit. The lava flow has been ongoing for the last 2 days, as it’s the biggest eruption from Mt. Kilauea in 14 years.
  The newest volcanic activity has scientists and onlookers amazed at the wonder and beauty produced by Mt. Kilauea. Though the area of eruptions is off-limits to hikers, there’s still plenty of action to see from nearby attractions. The Halema’uma’u Crater lookout is still open where you can see smoke coming from fiery underground magma. At dusk, you can check out where the lava meets the ocean, witnessing the lava glow as the sun starts to set. All of these awe-inspiring attractions can be seen on our Big Island Volcano Tour, along with incredible waterfalls, lava tubes, and much more. It’s an exciting time to visit the Big Island, and witnessing the volcano activity is a must-see attraction.

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