New Arrivals to the Pacific Aviation Museum

When most visitors think of historic Pearl Harbor, they are most likely to focus on the USS Arizona Memorial. Less widely known but frequently visited is another historic museum at Pearl Harbor, the Pacific Aviation Museum. Located on Ford Island, the Pacific Aviation Museum houses numerous aircraft from around the world. Two of the most notable aircraft here are a Japanese Zero plane – the Grumman Wildcat – utilized in the WWII surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the Stearman which was flown by the youngest aviator at that time, President H. W. Bush

Recently, local news stations have announced that there will be some new arrivals to the Pacific Aviation Museum. Flown in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, a collection of fighter jets: two F-86 Sabres, an F-4 Phantom, an F-102 Delta Dagger, and a Soviet MiG-15 will join the list of historical aircraft available for viewing at the museum. With exciting news like this, a trip to the Pacific Aviation Museum during your stay in Hawaii is sure to be enjoyable and memorable.

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